Why Trade With Us?

The Sydney Boutique Markets  will give you huge exposure in a pop-up/retail environment.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the most talented designers & retailers to showcase their unique products to our shoppers.

Our concept allows you to test the commercial viability of your products, while the more established designers can focus on building brand identity and road-testing their latest ideas.

We understand what it’s like to build your business from the ground up; working late nights, turning rooms in your home into mini production lines and still doing your day job. We also know the passion you have to succeed.

The Sydney Boutique Markets are designed to connect you with your audience, launch your brands and promote your products . The feedback you receive will give you a clear sense of what’s working and what’s not!

Our marketing team promote the event through viral marketing campaigns, social media and niche media coverage, as well as inviting the most forward-thinking retail buyers to the event. We want your talent to be rewarded in the form of lots of purchases, valuable buyer feedback, good press coverage and hopefully a retail stockist or two!

Quick Facts:

  1. The Sydney Boutique Markets are held outdoors in the middle of a shopping centre!
  2. Thousands of shoppers visit Rouse Hill Town Centre for the event, which is well established since 2011!
  3. We have over 21,000 likes on our Facebook page and will give you huge social media and brand exposure!
  4. Trade among other quality designers and stallholders!
  5. We are in one of Sydney’s largest growth areas!
  6. Our visitors come to our events to SHOP!

Apply to trade with us by completing the stallholder application form here.